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Addition in Franklin MA

Addition in Franklin MA

There were two goals for this home addition in Franklin MA

Build a private living space for frequent overnight guests
Create an open space for seamless indoor and outdoor entertaining

To add a private bedroom and basement area, our team constructed a 24×26 addition at the back of the house. We gave it a vaulted ceiling and installed a large gas fireplace for added beauty and increased heat. We insulated throughout the addition using closed cell spray foam.

To develop the desired open floor plan, we replaced the load-bearing wall with laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams. We were able to avoid redoing the whole kitchen at the same time by installing a kitchen peninsula.

With a little research, we located LG stone countertops that matched the existing counters. Guests can now sit in bar-height chairs, watch TV, and hang out with the homeowners while they work in the kitchen.


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