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At DRR Contracting in Franklin MA, we believe your home remodeling experience should be simple, enjoyable and interactive. Design-Build integrates traditionally separate designer, builder, and contractor roles. Our team approach gives you a better remodeling experience.

Our owner consults with you to discuss your ideas. Our designer works with you to create a look that reflects your taste and style. Our builders bring together the craftsmanship, specialty techniques, custom features, and color palette that complete your home transformation.

A DRR custom kitchen remodel in Franklin MA transforms the heart of your home into a trendy, comfortable living space. Not only should it look fantastic, but should also be designed and built to match your lifetstyle . We understand the latest kitchen design trends and will stay involved throughout all stages of construction. Our Design-build model allows us to guarantee quality results.
Whether your’e remodeling your bathroom or making necessary bathroom renovations, you want a space that caters to your need for peace and privacy. Your bathroom is the go-to spot for your morning routine and your evening rejuvenation. You need properly functioning fixtures but you also deserve a bathroom that’s a perfect place for a personal retreat.
At DRR General Contracting in Franklin MA, our home remodeling team upgrades doors and windows and installs basement bathrooms. We repair plaster damage and we turn abandoned spaces into rooms you love. Whether your project is major or minor, we give you only quality products and expert workmanship.
If your home is beautiful but not quite spacious enough, day-to-day living feels crowded and uncomfortable. When you love your home and neighborhood, relocating doesn’t feel like the right solution. Carefully planned and executed home additions are a much better option. You keep the home you love and have the space you need.

DRR Contracting


If you’ve ever had your home remodeled, you likely remember the process as long and unnecessarily complicated. You deal with multiple companies. As the project moves forward, you must keep track of who is in charge and which company is responsible for what.

At DRR Contracting, we use a Design-Build approach to make your home remodel less complicated. Everyone on your job is part of the same Design-Build team. Your project begins and ends with us, so everything runs smoothly.